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Custom printed menus for your restaurant
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Coated Synthetic Stock Instead Of Cheap Laminates

  • Washable: Easily Wipe Down Each Night
  • Flat: No Crumbs Or Other Disgusting Suprises For Customers
  • Coated: No Peeling Or Cracking Laminate
  • Synthetic: Doesn't Soak Up Stains Like Laminated Paper

An Affordable, High Quality, Low Cost Menu Option

Easily maintain a colorful, hygenic, and clean first impression on your patrons by taking advantage of our highly durable menus. Instead of printing on the typical 100lb laminated paper most restaurants use we offer a high end synthetic stock that is actually waterproof, stain-proof, and so durable you can literally wash it after every table if you'd like.

UV Coated Waterproof Plastic Restaurant Menus

A Clean Hygenic Option

A light UV coating protects and enhances vibrant colors while creating a surface that repels liquids and foods. Available in any number of sizes and fold configurations (including custom die cut shapes).

Customer-Centric Service Model

Our service is where we really shine. We empower our employees to take the role of consultant, helping customers to understand the options before them. Printing can be a tricky and complicated process for the unexperienced. We promise to lend you our experience to help you make the best decision for your business in the most efficient way possible.

"It is rare these days to experience such faithful, rapid, yet non-pushy follow-through. Both the service and product were great."

Samuel Miles

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