Premium, High Impact Foil Business Cards

The ultimate in high class, we apply a mirror like metallic finish to your new foil plastic cards by using a mix of high heat and pressure that literally embeds the foil into your card. This leaves you with a durable and very classy accent to your design.

Our Foil Stamped Business Cards:

  • Offer a luxury and prestigious feel
  • Compliment any high end brand
  • Give a striking accent to any design
  • Are incredibly durable (no peeling or flaking)
  • Are available in quantities as low as 250

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Videos of our Foil Business Cards

Make a distinct, lasting impression with your business cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards, etc but utilizing a blend of foil stamping and our high end printing techniques. Find inspiration in the videos above and see some typical uses. Then when you are ready, request samples and we will send you a free pack of our foil cards to review and see first hand.

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Common Foil Business Card Printing Questions

When putting together your foil stamped cards a lot of questions are bound to come up, we've put together a short question and answer frequently asked questions.

Q. Can I foil stamp my logo on my card?

Yes, foil stamping all or part of your business logo on your cards is probably one of the most common applications we see.

Q. How do I set up foil in my art file?

WARNING: If you are not a designer this may fly over your head. : )

To set up a foil business card in illustrator or photoshop make sure the artwork you wish to have used for the foil stamp is solid, one color on a separate layer noted as FOIL. For the best application results we prefer vector artwork and keeping the foil stamp 1/4" in from the edges of the card.

If you have a specific need for a foil stamp that goes off the edge of the card, tiny type, or any other possible problematic elements our graphics supervisor will work directly with you to ensure a solution that works for your business, as well as the capabilities of the equipment.

Q. Can your art department make an aspect of my design foil?

Yes, we typically receive a normal art file and our client requests that a certain aspect be done in with our foil stamp material. If at all possible we request that the foil element be on a separate layer (in photoshop) or a separate object (in illustrator). Basically our art department needs to be able to isolate the graphic and convert it to a vector element so we can create a die to create your cards.

If your foil stamped area is not separated there is still a good chance we can create it but it will incur some graphic charges to recreate.

Q. How detailed can my foil stamp be?

Your new foil business, membership, or VIP cards can be suprisingly detailed. As an example check out the Windsor logo stamped on this card.

Because we use a hot stamp process that utilizes a metal die and a heat adhesion process we find even small elements do not peel or flake off. While this admittedly takes our production staff longer and adds time to the order due to the creation of the die and special equipment required we believe the increased quality is more than worth it.

Contact a sales consultant regarding our foil business cards Request samples of our foil business cards Get an instant, online price estimate for our foil cards
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